Opening the Doors of Science

Opening the Doors of Science is an essay on Crimean Tatar language, a book not just for MuslimsCrimean Tatars are ancient European Muslims, and they speak a Turkic language, which along with other Tatar (Turkic) tongues is severely endangered. Buy a book and save an ancient languageAll proceeds will go to the founding of the Shewkiy Bektore Tatar University in Europe, at the Black Sea.

If you cannot afford to buy, please remember that you can Download-Print-Distribute this book courtesy of Musa Jalil Library.

Все доходы от данной  книги последуют на учреждение Черноморского Татарского Университета. Электронная версия доступна для тех, кто не может позволить себе купить ее. 

Opening the Doors of Science by Taner Murat, ISBN: 9786066242943, StudIS, Iasi, 2012