March in March: The Black Sea Is Mine

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March in March: “The Black Sea Is Mine”

Taner Murat is a Volunteer Editor for Nazar Look, the monthly attitude and culture journal of Crimean Tatars in Romania. On March 7, 2014 he will depart from his hometown Constanta marching to Chernavoda on the right bank of the Danube to celebrate the arrival of spring across the Black Sea. He says that walking helps to combat stress, boost mood and invigorate the body and recommends it as the most accessible and affordable way to improve your fitness. He explains that he chose a five day route aiming for a moderate exercise intensity. He admits that some changes may occur in the program, and promises to keep his Facebook friends updated.

He wants to enjoy a pleasant walk, so he will pick some books to give as a present to people he meets on his way. He thinks he is a good listener and he wants to engage in small talks with strangers to learn of their joys, projects and struggles. On March 11, he will get on the Danube passing the nuclear station. He says that Romania’s policy on nuclear power shields the atomic plant. He reminds us that a "No Photography" sign prohibits photographing the installations and confesses: “In my judgment this law is strange and unfair. We are living in the digital era and this law makes me believe that someone is trying to hide something from me. I wish I had more transparency. So I will photograph the nuclear installations with a toy camera posting my pictures on the web. The Black Sea is an important heritage area, I’m living here, and I want that nothing that matters to me is concealed from me. For instance, I think they should openly explain to what extent could certain technologies endanger my life and the next generations.”

Taner Murat points out that no one should ignore the law: “Of course we should respect the law even if it seems absurd. Therefore I shall use a toy camera in order to merely simulate taking the pictures of the atomic installations. I invite children from the Black Sea and children everywhere to make camera-toys and mobile-toys of paper, cardboard, modeling clay, textiles, plywood, etc. They can send the toys to my mailing address or email me their images and I promise that I will publish every work in a book. I would also love to know what their dream world would be like.”

Anyone can be a co-author of this book by sharing a toy, a thought or contributing with a simple comment. You can post directly on the event’s page:

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