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Spectral Lines

Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Spectral Lines - Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, ISBN: 9786066241557


Murat, Taner, Spectral Lines - Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, StudIS, Iasi, Romania, 2012

Hardcover/paperback, Full color bleed on white paper, 52 pp

21 x 29,7 x 0,2 cm;  0,3 kg/paperback, 0,4 kg/hardcover

Open to submissions: May 10, 2012
Closed to submissions: June 30, 2012
Released: July 14, 2012

On sale:

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Featured authors

Susan Adams

New South Wales, Australia

- Bluebottle Tango

- Epiphany

- The Mask of Us

- Drink; Speed Limited;

Nicholas Damion Alexander


- Grey Monotone

- Old Paradox, New Verse

- Troy;

Mia Avramut

Pennsylvania, USA

- Aurora by the Black Sea;

Mike Berger

Utah, USA

- Picasso

- Firebird

Elissavet Chartavella


- Mirrors or Masks;

Eric L. Cummings

West Virginia, USA

- Dear Solider,

- Knackered Gnomon

- La la Nebula;

Alan Dennis Harris

Michigan, USA

- Young at Heart

- The Voice

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Oregon, USA

- To Be or Not To Be

- Evening Sky

- Giverny, France

- Liqueur D'Absinthe;

Colin James

Massachusetts, USA

- Put a Lid on It, Myrtle ;

Ron Koppelberger

Florida, USA

- Silent Breath

Mark J. Mitchell

California, USA

- Troy Games;

Sonnet Mondal

West Bengal, India

- The Priest in Me

- Life with the Ferry’s Night Horn

- Africa- black to blood

- The Place where Souls are Born

Crawdad Nelson

California, USA

- Dungeness

- Remediation

Hal O'Leary

West Virginia, USA

- To My Love

- Old Death

- Oh Yes, the Poor

- To Be or Not to Be-

- The Innocent

Carl Palmer

Washington, USA

- His Opinion

Jack Peachum

Virginia, USA

- Cottonwood Summer

- Our Pierrot in Autumn

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

New York, USA

- I Ate My Mother’s Hair

- Coming in Second

- I Remember the Zinnias

- Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944

- I Never Saw Anyone Actually

Souradeep Roy

West Bengal, India

- Green Eyes

- Come Back Again

- Dreams, remember, are always true

- After a show

- The Philosophy of Religion;

Tom Sheehan

Massachusetts, USA

- This Rare earth & All Its Light

- The Stone Menagerie

- Dowser on the River

- Old Route 1 Barn at Recall

- Apropos of Movement

J. J. Steinfeld

Prince Edward Island, Canada

- Endurance

- Disappointments and Imperfections

- I Licked the Walls to Prove My Point

Stephanie Valente

New York, USA

- "Whiskey Tongues"

- The Lost Winter King