We Have Closed Our Journal. Bye!
  • Nazar Look is a bilingual journal for readers and writers in English and Crimean TatarCrimean Tatars are ancient European Muslims speaking a Turkic language, which along with other Tatar (Turkic) tongues is severely endangered.
  • While Crimean Tatar culture is our first passion, we love everything about books, art, and intercultural exchanges.
  • We publish your work in Romania, in English, occasionally translating your poetry in Crimean Tatar. 
  • We publish anthologies and collections in English, Crimean Tatar and Romanian (poetry, fiction, and non-fiction) All proceeds will go to the founding of the Tatar University at the Black Sea. Our bookstore
  • Nazar Look appears monthly in new biannual series in print (ISSN 2069-5616) and digital form (ISSN 2069-4784). The two versions are identical (What You See Is What You Get) except sometimes we do not print the inside covers containing advertising or calls.
  • The print runs are as short as our pockets.
  • Our first issue was published on January 1, 2011.
  • We are located in Constanta, Romania.